Times of crisis often brings out the best of human nature, but the added complications of coronavirus can cause disputes.

Arguments about the care of children are all too common and with the added complication of the coronavirus lockdown, separated parents may be struggling to keep the peace.

The precise nature of the restrictions put in place by the government has left many with questions yet to be answered. One such question relates to the responsibilities of parents for their children when the mother and father have separated and are living apart.

As it stands, the government has placed the country in a state of enforced social distancing, but that does not mean you can’t transfer your children from one parent to another. A healthy upbringing for a child requires continuity. If you are struggling to reach an agreement about child arrangements then you’re not alone, and there may be legal recourse available to help you.

Resolving disputes is about communication, it’s about compromise, and people should work together with a spirit of understanding and mutual respect. Sometimes it takes a third party to get involved because they can see things dispassionately. The coronavirus has already caused significant disruption to the children of this country, let’s try not to make the situation any worse.

Remember, although we’re in lockdown:

  • Separated parents can still work together to find solutions that work for all parties
  • Communication channels are open despite social distancing
  • You can still get advice remotely from the experts at Real Legal

If you’ve exhausted all other options, if communications have broken down and you don’t know where to turn, perhaps Real Legal can help.

Real Legal is still open for business and are prepared to advise you on the issues at hand, working remotely using telephone and video calls. Dial 0345 646 0501 for a confidential discussion of go online to reallegal.co.uk

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