Mortgage Lenders Take Tentative Steps Towards a New Normal

Mortage Lenders

Since lockdown began in the UK, mortgage lenders have all but stopped trading. Now, a glimmer of optimism is returning to the market. After what seems like a very long time indeed, some of the major banks and building societies in the UK have made tentative steps towards a semblance of normal. Among the early […]

Shakespeare’s Birthday: This Week is the 456th Anniversary of the Bard


In celebration of this day, we look at the links between the Bard, the legal sector and Burnley law firm Real Legal. William Shakespeare, the national poet of England, and perhaps the greatest Englishman ever to have lived, was born 1564, and died 52 years later on the same day: April 23rd – St. George’s […]

Working from Home Puts Strain on Relationships

Working From Home

Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around, so the saying goes. Behavioural Psychologists suggest the truth behind this old adage might be behind a predicted increase in divorce enquiries in the UK brought on by lockdown. Working from home and self-isolation are causing stress and putting pressure on relationships. Some divorce lawyers are […]

Real Legal: “If You’ve Got Children, you may wish to make a Will”

Will Writing and Children

A will is more than just about who gets your possessions when you’re gone. It can also indicate how you would like your children to be looked after. Nearly half the UK population doesn’t have a will. If you’re one of them, and you thought you didn’t need one because the value of your possessions […]

Landlords: Revise your contractual agreements to avoid bad debt.


The government has announced significant changes to the law affecting the property rental market. Landlords are advised to create new contracts for both the domestic and the commercial sectors which will provide further security for their tenants and themselves. With the government enforcing social distancing and self-isolation, the population of the UK finds itself in […]

Over 50% of Britons Haven’t Prepared a Will

hand signing a document

The coronavirus is the latest public health scare to hit the UK and the Chief Medical Officer has warned that the country is heading “full tilt” towards an epidemic. But astonishingly very few people in the UK are fully prepared. If you’re one of them why not contact Real Legal? To find out how we […]