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Conveyancing for Buying a Home

Buying a home is probably the most expensive purchase you will ever make. That means it’s also incredibly stressful. There are lots of legalities to follow and hoops to jump through. That’s why Real Legal makes conveyancing for buying a home as simple and straightforward as possible. We’ll protect your interests and communicate with you throughout the process.

Why do you need a conveyancer?

Conveyancing for buying a home is so important. It is the legal process that transfers ownership from the seller to the buyer. It involves complicated legal and financial aspects, which is why you should hire a conveyancer like Real Legal. We have an advanced understanding of property law and can ensure all legal requirements are met.

During the conveyancing process, we will conduct thorough property searches to uncover any hidden issues. This protects your interests and ensures you don’t buy a money pit. We will complete this process much quicker and more efficiently than doing it yourself, reducing the risk of the seller pulling out.

At what point do I need a solicitor when buying a house?

You should instruct your conveyancing solicitor once you have made an offer and it has been accepted. You should also get a mortgage approval at this point. This will mean the process is complete much sooner and reduce the risk of the seller choosing another buyer. 

What is the conveyancing for buying a home process?

Once you have instructed Real Legal to complete the conveyancing, we will need to gather some information from you. That includes proof of identity and proof of funds to prevent money laundering.

We will also conduct property searches, which the average person cannot do. We have a network of contacts, so we can get the information quicker. We also know what we’re looking for, which streamlines the process further. 

During the property searches, it is our job to protect your interests. We will highlight issues like boundary disputes, access rights, future developments and even flood risks that you might not know about. This means you can make an informed decision before buying the house. We may even advise you to reduce or withdraw your offer.

Once the property searches are complete, we may make some inquiries to the seller’s conveyancer. For example, to confirm property boundaries. When these issues are resolved, we will draw up a contract. As soon as the contract is complete, the house is yours! 

What documents do I need?

Here are all the documents you’ll need to start the process of conveyancing for buying a home:

  • Proof of identity – passport or driving licence.
  • Proof of current address – utility bills or official letters.
  • Proof of funds – mortgage approval letter and bank statement for deposit.
  • Gifted deposit – will also need proof of identity and address.
  • Help to Buy ISA – if you’re a first-time buyer, you will need to withdraw your deposit and close this account.

How much does conveyancing cost?

The cost of conveyancing can be broken down into legal fees and disbursements. Legal fees are how much the legal firm charges, whilst disbursements are costs racked up along the way.

Cost can also vary according to the value of the property and the complexity of the case. If a property has disputed boundaries, for example, it will require more work and may lead to higher costs.

At Real Legal, we provide clear and transparent pricing upfront. See a breakdown of our costs below. Please be aware that fees may change from case to case, so take this as a rough estimation. We aim to give you a fixed price, but until we receive full details of the property, we cannot guarantee. We will notify you of any extra costs.

Property Price
Fee Range excluding VAT
£500 - £625
£100,000 - 200,000
£625 - £675
£200,000 – 300,000
£675 - £750
£400,000 – 500,000
£750 - £1000

Purchases over £500,000 please contact us for a bespoke quote.

Additional fees in addition to the above will incur further charges due to the extra work to be undertaken:

  • New build purchase
  • Purchasing using a Help to Buy ISA/lifetime ISA
  • Preparation of Declaration of Trusts
  • Purchasing a property with Solar Panels
  • Preparing Stap Duty Land Tax Return
  • Shared ownership Purchase

In addition, disbursements will be charged. For example, property searches, Index Map Search, Land Registration Fee, ID checks, Land Registry Fee.

These fees will be stated in full at the time of the quote produced and should further work be required to be undertaken on your file we will of course let you know as soon as this becomes apparent in the transaction.

Re Mortgages – please enquire via our online quoting system or call the office on 0345 646 0501 or email [email protected]

Should you wish to contact us by phone or email we can take details of your specific transaction and provide you with a detailed breakdown of estimated costs from start to finish. If you do not wish to have direct communication with us, please rely on the information provided on our website.

Further considerations

Whilst we pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, extra charges are incurred when purchasing one of the below. This is due to the extra work involved. 

  • New build purchase
  • Purchasing using a Help to Buy ISA / Lifetime ISA
  • Preparation of Declaration of Trusts
  • Purchasing a property with Solar Panels
  • Preparing Stamp Duty Land Tax Return
  • Shared ownership Purchase

Why Choose Us

Real Legal are the first choice of conveyancers for home buyers. We will protect your interests and ensure all legal requirements are met. With us on your side, you can feel confident in your purchase.

At Real Legal, a dedicated conveyancer will oversee your case. We will take care of everything, from property searches to contract negotiations. We will provide regular updates throughout the process to make it as seamless and stress-free as possible.

We understand that buying a home is incredibly stressful. That’s why we pride ourselves on clear communication. Plus, you can always email or call us with any questions. Or, if you’re local, pop in for a chat and a coffee. Just call or email to arrange an appointment. So, if you’re looking for conveyancing for buying a home, choose Real Legal.

Registered with the CQS

Real Legal are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We’re also registered members of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme. This scheme requires renewal every year, which makes sure we are up to date with all the latest training and industry news. This is just one of the ways we provide superior service for our customers.

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