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First registration
with the Land

The process of registering property and land began in 1925 and it is now a compulsory aspect of buying a piece of land or a property. It’s still common, however, for land to go unregistered, particularly in the North West. Our team of residential property experts will guide you through registering your land or property so that you can have the title deeds.


Why is it important to register land?

You are encouraged to register your land or property by the Land Registry as they offer reduced fees for these applications. The fees are based on the property or land value.

Registering your land or property has advantages like:

The title deed is guaranteed by the UK government

Registering gives you some protection for claims of possession by a third party

The title deeds are held electronically by the Land Registry so your risk of losing or destroying them is eliminated.

Property ownership is easy to prove as titles that are registered can be looked at electronically. For future sales, ownership transfers and re-mortgaging, you’ll have an easier and quicker ride.

How can we help with your first registration?

If you want to register your land or property voluntarily for the first time, our residential property experts will give you advice on how to do this and will be able to prepare the application to register for you.

If you’re looking to buy a property that isn’t registered, the transference of ownership has to be registered. Our expert solicitors will handle this for you during the conveyancing process.

We have lots of experience with first-time registration and lots of knowledge too. We will make sure that everything is in order so that you can have access to your title deeds without delay.

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