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Forex Trading Scams

Currency trading is commonplace globally and is caried out through a multitude of legitimate traders and brokers all over the world, through the Foreign Currency Exchange Markets.

This method of financial trading, also attracts rogue groups of fraudsters, often from an organised criminal background, whom incorporate legitimate companies and platforms (though un-regulated), in order to convince people to invest with them, when they actually utilise such platforms to remove the client’s funds.

These types of financial crimes are increasing and we have experienced cases, where the funds often get transferred to eastern Europe in countries such as Bulgaria and Estonia. We have extensive legal and investigative options in order to assist in the recovery of monies lost in this manner.


Quite simply, Cryptocurrency purchases and trades, are the fastest growing and most popular form of investments currently taking place online. 

There are numerous companies advertising investment advice and training in Crypto and whilst most of these are genuine, there are a huge number of businesses online, that are scammers.

Crypto by its mere definition and inception is a complicated financial instrument. Its trading is based on algorithms that are intricate in their format and seemingly impenetrable.

This allows bogus groups to target inexperienced traders, with the promise of delivering huge returns on their investments. However, the reality is that many people are convinced to transfer their investments into wallet’s they do not control or to purchase coins that don’t exist and their investments are gone.

We have extensive experience in this field and have had success in penetrating these scammers entities and corporate structures as well as tracing the lost funds.

CFD Trading Scams

These type of scams, involve utilising legitimate investment products and trading products, which can determine the profit and loss, between a specific trades opening and closing position/value. The specific terms is known as a ‘Contract for Difference’.

These investment products are openly available by a number of legitimate Brokers, however, there are numerous criminal groups, whom portray themselves as genuine and legitimate Brokers. These groups often use genuinely registered websites, littered with non-registered phone numbers and fake licensing information and are often then traced to jurisdictions like The Marshall Islands and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Using extensive investigative techniques and various legal options available to us under various Regulatory Acts, we have vast experience in successful recoveries of funds in this regard.

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