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Will Writing and Children

Real Legal: “If You’ve Got Children, you may wish to make a Will”

A will is more than just about who gets your possessions when you’re gone. It can also indicate how you would like your children to be looked after.

Nearly half the UK population doesn’t have a will. If you’re one of them, and you thought you didn’t need one because the value of your possessions is not high enough to warrant it, think again.

The main reason to have a will written is so that you can be sure how your property and possessions will be distributed, but many people don’t realise that a will can also be used to indicate how you wish your children to be cared for after you have gone. So, if you’ve got kids and you haven’t already done so, the advice from the experts at Real Legal is to make sure your wishes are clear.

Claire Stewart, solicitor and director of Burnley’s Real Legal, said:

“A will is something that people put off doing, and all too often they’re written in haste or not done at all. This may cause stress and problems further down the line.”

“Even if you don’t have your own house or a huge amount of savings, if you’ve got children you may wish to make a will and think about testamentary guardians. This will also enable you to choose someone to deal with your affairs after you have gone.”

“People don’t like to think about these things but making a will can greatly benefit the people you care about.”

Real Legal are offering a professional will writing service at a very low price of £165 plus VAT. That’s much more economical than most competitor offerings and there is a further discount for essential workers.

Also, Real Legal is offering the chance to get your will written for free. All you have to do is visit their Facebook page ( and follow the instructions. The closing date for the competition is April 29.

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