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Let the experts take care of things so you can enjoy each day. In uncertain times many people want to make sure their loved ones will be looked after, At Real Legal we have streamlined our wills and trust service, making it quick, easy and affordable to complete online today.

Making a Will – Frequently Asked Questions:

Many of the population do not feel it necessary to make a Will but do not fully understand the rules surrounding ‘Inheritance’ or ‘the Rules of Intestacy’. 

Many of us live with partners or cohabitees, have step children, or have family members living with them who would not necessarily benefit from their estate or directly inherit if they were to pass away.

Let’s answer some basic questions surrounding why it is so important to make a Will, particularly in these challenging times.

What Happens If I Die Without Leaving a Will?

Some legal rules sometimes called ‘the Rules of Intestacy’ will apply and set out who will be entitled to administer and inherit your estate.  This might result in your estate passing to family members that you would not want to inherit it. 

People that you love and support, such as cohabitees or stepchildren, may not receive anything at all under these strict rules. It is a complex route that can be avoided by making a Will and providing your clear instructions.

Do I Really Need a Will?

Ask yourself, do you have any savings, do you own a property, do you have a business or do you have children? If you do, then yes, you really should make a Will.

Do you have distant relatives or friends that you might want to leave something to, or charities that may not necessarily inherit if you die without leaving a Will? If yes, then you really should make a Will.

Do you have family members that may expect to inherit from you, but you do not wish to inherit such as your partner that you are living with? If yes, then you need a Will. We can also prepare statements to go along with your Will providing clear instructions.

Many people these days live together as couples but are not married, if this is the case for you, we would strongly recommend that you put a Will in place.

How Much Does a Will Cost?

Standard straight forward Wills begin at £199 inclusive of VAT and standard mirror Wills for you and your partner begin at just £288 inclusive of VAT. Once we have taken your instructions we will clarify right away the cost.

Can I Appoint Guardians For My Infant Child/Children?

In the event that you die leaving a minor child or children you can appoint guardians within your Will, which is absolutely if you have a minor child or children.

What Happens If I Want To Change My Will In The Future?

Wills are designed to be able to change over the years. You can easily revoke former Wills and as most Wills are now drafted on computers it makes it so much easier for the Wills to be changed over the years. You can make special provisions within your Wills that can be changed over time.

How Long Does The Process Of Making A Will Take?

Right now were facing times of uncertainty but by making a Will this puts some certainty back in your life. It ensures that upon your death your wishes crystallise and are put into effect.

With technology now, we can Skype, face time and video call you to take your instructions. We can send your draft Will via post/email in order to be signed. The process can take  just days to complete.

I’m Worried About Inheritance Tax, Can You Advise Me?

We can assist you, we can also advise you on ring fencing care fees such as severing the tenancy on your property and putting in place right of occupation trust Wills.

If you wish to discuss making a Will please call Hayley Hodgkinson on 0345 646 0501 or email [email protected]