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Register Property with Land Registry

Registering property is a legal requirement, which is why it’s so important. Without registering your land or property, it can be subject to competing claims of ownership. Whether you’ve just bought your property or owned it for years, our legal experts can help you to register property with the land registry.

Why It’s Important to Register Property with the Land Registry

Registering your land or property with the Land Registry is a legal requirement. That means if you have bought or own a property that isn’t registered, you are not legally recognised as the owner.

Once you register property with the land registry, the Title Deed is guaranteed by the government. This means they legally recognise you as the owner, which protects you against third party claims. The register also includes rights over the property and any restrictions, so you know where you stand. This can prevent costly legal battles later.

Title Deeds are now electronic, so you cannot lose them. Electronic records can also be recalled faster. That means when the time comes to sell, remortgage or transfer equity, the process can be completed much quicker.

At Real Legal, we can help you register property with the land register. This entails many legal forms and documentation, so it’s best to have the knowledge and experience of a conveyancing solicitor.

What Happens If a Property Is Not Registered with The Land Registry?

If you don’t register property with the land registry, it will make all future transactions a lot harder. Selling, buying or remortgaging your home will all take much longer, if they can be completed at all.

It also leaves your property vulnerable to false claims of ownership, as there is no official record anywhere. This could lead to a lengthy legal battle at best, or losing your home at worst. Uncertainties around property boundaries, rights and interests can also be exploited.

Overall, it is best to go through the process of registering property now. That protects your property against false claims and can speed up any future transactions.

Can I Register a Property with The Land Registry Myself?

Whilst you can register property with the land registry by yourself, we recommend hiring a conveyancing solicitor like Real Legal.

The registration process involves lots of forms and legal documentation. We can help you navigate this complex environment and ensure that all legal requirements are met. 

Why Choose Us

Your home is your most valuable asset, so don’t let it lie in uncertainty. Choose Real Legal to help you register property with the land registry. Our legal experts know all the ins and outs of the application process, and can help you successfully register your property.

While registering property may seem simple, there are lots of forms and legal documentation to fill out. Plus, the longer property has gone unregistered, the harder it can be to prove ownership. Like any important legal process, you want professional guidance. At Real Legal, we will provide insight and advice, and complete all the important paperwork. That way, you can be sure all legal requirements are met.

We also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. You will be assigned a dedicated conveyancer who will keep in touch throughout the process. Plus, you can always email or call us if you have any questions. Or why not pop in for a chat? Just call or email to arrange an appointment. 

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